We use Nutritional, herbal, supplements, earth elements, homeopathic, photon therapy, color therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation,

tuning forks, absent healing, distance healing,  Chakra clearing,

contact healing, thought form implants, and healing prayer.

Therapy Sessions last as long as it takes to achieve a result.

Sometimes it is 20 minutes; sometimes it is an hour or more.

The frequency of the sessions varies from person to person.

Some people are helped with one session, others need several.

Quite often a patient will need a re balancing session on a monthly

basis for a few months, until their life energies get used to the new

healthy paradigm. 

Dr  Ariel Schultz   

A holistic way to improving your health.

Let us show you how standard & alternative medicine can help you:

Degrees & professional qualifications :

B.Sc. and M.Sc. Degrees in Biological Sciences and M.A. in Psychology – Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (USA).
M.Sc, in Oriental Medicine, Doctorate in Physical Medicine (P.M.D.) –
American Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine (USA).
Doctorate in Preventive Medicine (D.P.M.) – National Institute of Biological Sciences (Is).
Doctorate in Homeopathic Medicine (H.M.D.) – National Institute of Biological Sciences (Is.).
Post Graduate Diplomas in Clinical Nutrition and Herbal Medicine.
Additionally, I completed three years of post-graduate studies from U.S. medical schools.
I have also had the honor in the past, of being appointed a Director of the National Institute of Biological Sciences and am past President of the Preventive Medicine Society (Is.).


Additional Non-Academic and/or Honorary Certifications, Diplomas & Degrees :

PSc.D Doctorate: Pastoral Science & Medicine – Pastoral Medical Association.

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